building diagnostics and engineering services

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Strata Industry Services

Building Diagnostics 

Landlay Consulting Group offers a wide range of services to assist Owners Corporations with their strata plan needs which include Building and Engineering reports, Building Condition Reports, Expert Building Defect Reports, Scott Schedules, Dilapidation Reports, Sinking Fund Assessments, Remedial Building Specifications and the associated services of procurement of tenders, preparation of Contract Documents and superintendent services.

Landlay’s objective is to provide professional services of the highest possible standard to Owners Corporations in a timely and seamless manner, thus reducing time and frustration in what can be a maze of conflicting and poor advice, regulations, building procedures and industry standards.

From defects within new buildings to remedial works associated with older structures, Landlay is committed to providing technical yet easy to read formatted reports, which are both practical and factual with only cost effective solutions put forward to ensure the successful outcome of any project and the peace of mind that Owners Corporation’s funds will be properly spent.

Landlay specialises in remedial building works assisting the Owners Corporations at each stage through to completion of the project. Our services include an initial report which is concise with the appropriate recommendations on the course of action, preparation of a remedial building specification, procurement and administration of tenders, preparation of contract documents and supervision of works in a variety of roles.

Our litigation compliant Expert Building Defect Reports and Scott Schedules are prepared in an easy to read table format which are used in support of a claim against the original builder or the applicable Home Owners Warranty Insurer. The results achieved by our clientele in litigation matters is testament to the quality and accuracy of the reports and schedules.

Our focus is to ensure that all our services are both competitive in cost and delivered in a professional and timely manner. This high level of service is what differentiates Landlay Consulting Group from our competitors.


Engineering Services

Where structural concerns arise in a strata complex of any size, Landlay Consulting Group is your “one stop shop”. Unlike other consultancy providers, Landlay combines the disciplines of both building diagnostics and engineering, thus ensuring a smooth, seamless delivery of services for Owners Corporations.

Landlay Consulting Group has vast experience in the design of domestic structures. We provide professional services for both individual lot owners as well as large, multistorey strata complexes. Our level of expertise ensures that highly technical advice is delivered in each project, guaranteeing the delivery of sound, practical and accurate advice.

We pride ourselves in producing detailed reports and cost effective solutions whether it be for cracking, retaining walls, concrete spalling (‘concrete cancer’), façade instability etc.

Landlay also extents its services to the design of new retaining walls, wall removals, stormwater drainage design, flexible and rigid pavement such as concrete driveways.


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